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The Coaching4Change movement is growing at an incredible rate during this 2022-2023 school year. We have an opportunity to lead the way in education across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and soon across the country, as we all enter the COVID-rebound era.

Our partnership model has a dual impact, (1) to address immediate staff shortage needs of K-12 schools to provide their students with additional support for behavior, academics, and social needs, and (2) to connect college students with hands-on leadership opportunities working in schools directly with K-12 students to explore careers in education under the coaching and supervision of professional educators.

This school year, Coaching4Change is partnering with 26 schools and counting. We are expanding our in-school service model to support classroom learning, social-emotional support, and school improvement initiatives during the school day, while maintaining our commitment to after-school and summer programs.

Coaching4Change is recruiting and placing over 100 diverse, talented mentors in schools from Lawrence, MA to Providence, RI, working with over 1500 K-12 students this year. We are engaging with new colleges and universities, new community partners, hiring new staff, and raising more money. We have been fielding calls from interested districts and education leaders across the country, and the industry is in need of our services more now than ever before.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider a donation to Coaching4Change, and assist in advancing our mission by broadening our reach to new partners, and deepening our impact with existing partners.

If you are interested in getting involved with our development/fundraising efforts, or would prefer to speak directly to a representative of the C4C Development Team, please contact:

Marquis Taylor, CEO & Co-Founder:


Keith Gill, Major Gifts Officer: