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No doubt 2020 has had unique challenges, but C4C is proud to celebrate its tenth anniversary this year! Right now, your support is needed more than ever. Not only have we launched into a new community (Attleboro, Massachusetts) that needs significant resources, we have also pivoted to make our mentoring model completely virtual. This means an entirely new training and support model for school districts and college students. We are so excited about this opportunity, but need to invest deeply and quickly in a new way of empowering our talented and diverse college students to mentor our middle school students.

We are launching a major fundraising campaign to help us reach our goal of $400,000 by December 31, 2020. As you may know, we normally throw our annual gala, by far our most important fundraiser, at this time of year. Keeping in mind the safety of our community in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to host the gala this year and so we are using this campaign to appeal to our generous supporters in a different way. As with funds raised at the gala, all contributions to the campaign will directly support the operations of our programs.

Thanks to the generosity of some of C4C's most generous supporters, we have already raised 37%! If we can reach our goal by December 31st, we will be able to serve even more students and schools in the spring semester of 2021 and also partner again with Taunton Public Schools, who made the difficult budget decision to pause all partnerships this school year.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate ten years of helping students in some of our most under served communities – and continue to serve them for years to come.