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Beyond grades, proficiency, and data, Coaching4Change is also seeing results on an individual level. For example, Jeremy, who came into our program in the fall semester as an English Language Learner (ELL) struggled with both academics and behavior. Jeremy suffered from depression, was put on medication, assigned an IEP and 504b plan at school, but still struggled immensely at school and at home. Upon entering the C4C program, Jeremy was withdrawn and did not feel confidence in himself and his ability. In our program's sports element, we worked to build an inclusive environment where Jeremy could feel like a valuable part of the team. He developed confidence and interpersonal skills by playing basketball with his high school mentors and peers. During the academic component, his college mentor worked with Jeremy to help him build his math and English skills. With a focus on experiential, hands-on learning, we helped Jeremy discover the connection between what he was learning in school today, and how it will help him in the real world. By the end of the year, Jeremy was outspoken, confident and actually enjoying school—he would talk to anyone who would listen about how he shot the basketball that day, or about how the Electoral College worked. He also improved academically—bringing his English grades up from a D to a B- and his math grades up from a failing grade to a B+! At our annual end of year Parent Night Celebration, Jeremy's parents shared with the Coaching4Change staff that they truly believe this program saved their son, and that he was an entirely new person from when he started the program.